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The data to be presented are largely of historical interest as far as the proceedings of this Symposium are concerned. The anabolic steroids used in the experiments antedated the 19-nor series, and the value of most of them in man is now at the best doubtful. The results are therefore more of experimental than clinical significance; but they may serve as a pointer to what might be achieved by the "perfect" anabolic steroid in the treatment of a congenital disease that is so far untreatable.

The fundamental lesion in osteogenesis imperfecta has been referred to as a hereditary hypoplasia of the mesenchyme, but the chief incidence of this defect is on the protein matrix of bone - hence the abnormal fragility of the bones, the numerous fractures and the crippling deformities from which children with this disease suffer.

Albright (1948) pointed out that, with the exception of an increase in


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