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A number of techniques are now available for the fractionation of adrenocortical steroids by partition chromatography. These have recently been reviewed by Heftmann (1955). For quantitative estimation papergrams may be stained and subsequently scanned with a densitometer, or eluted and read in a spectrophotometer. Partition columns have been used for this purpose by Haines (1952), Morris & Williams (1953), Banes (1953), Heftmann & Johnson (1954), Morris (1955), and Cook et al. (1955). This paper describes a modification of the Heftmann-Johnson method (1954), applicable to the analysis of urine extracts.



Chromatographic Apparatus. Two cylindrical 1-liter separatory funnels4 with standard taper joints are connected top to bottom. The stem of the top funnel has been constricted to an opening of about 1 mm. in diameter. The bottom funnel is joined to a 24/40 outer joint, which has been attached to the top of

1. Public Health Service, Department of


     European Society of Endocrinology

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