Urinary iodine excretion in Estonian children

in European Journal of Endocrinology
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Recently, Mityukova et al. (1) reported the results of urinary iodine excretion in Belarus children. We would like to report the results of a similar study carried out in Estonia in 1995. Estonia is located about 700 km to the north of Belarus. Historically, Estonia has been an area of mild iodine deficiency, especially the south-eastern part of the country (2, 3). In the beginning of the 1960s, it was concluded that the iodine concentration of phreatic water was such that Estonia could be classified as a biogeochemical area with moderate iodine deficiency (3). Only in the northern parts of Estonia were the phreatic waters found to be relatively abundant in iodine (3); the success of iodine prophylaxis in reducing goitre prevalence among school children of the south-eastern regions of the country has confirmed this (4). Iodine prophylaxis has been neglected in Estonia for several years. There have been no


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