Autoradiographic binding studies with [3H]oestradiol and [3H]dihydrotestosterone in the autonomic genital ganglion (plexus of Frankenhäuser) of the mouse

in European Journal of Endocrinology
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Abstract. Male, female and Tfm mice (testicular feminization) were injected with [3H]oestradiol or [3H]dihydrotestosterone, and autoradiograms prepared of male accessory sex organs and of the cervico-vaginal portion of the female reproductive tract.

After injection of [3H]oestradiol in male, female and Tfm animals a nuclear concentration of radioactivity was found in a subpopulation – about 20–30% – of the neurons of the genital ganglion. No such concentration was seen after [3H]dihydrotestosterone. The results suggest a direct genomic effect of oestradiol on certain neurons of the autonomic genital ganglion in both sexes.


     European Society of Endocrinology

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