Evaluation of Steroids as COntraceptives in Men

in European Journal of Endocrinology

At the time this study was initiated in 1974, the most attractive approach to male contraception in view of the success with the female oral contraceptive was by use of steroids, since coitus interruptus, sperm-barrier methods and vasectomy have major drawbacks in terms of either psychological stress, inconvenience or irreversibility. Of particular concern is the high failure rate of the first two methods. Moreover, contemporary society requires a male contraceptive, like that for the female, not only to be effective, but also safe, easily used and, in contrast to vasectomy, readily reversible. An attractive feature of a reversible oral contraceptive is the potential for minimizing potential side effects due to alternation of contraception between partners.

However, an overriding concern in developing an oral contraceptive for men, who are not as motivated as strongly as women, is a wide margin of safety. Furthermore, in women, the risk of contraception is compared


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