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Sylvère Störmann, Bodo Gutt, Josefine Roemmler-Zehrer, Martin Bidlingmaier, Rudolf M Huber, Jochen Schopohl, and Matthias W Angstwurm


Acromegaly is associated with increased mortality due to respiratory disease. To date, lung function in patients with acromegaly has only been assessed in small studies, with contradicting results. We assessed lung function parameters in a large cohort of patients with acromegaly.


Lung function of acromegaly patients was prospectively assessed using spirometry, blood gas analysis and body plethysmography. Biochemical indicators of acromegaly were assessed through measurement of growth hormone and IGF-I levels. This study was performed at the endocrinology outpatient clinic of a tertiary referral center in Germany.


We prospectively tested lung function of 109 acromegaly patients (53 male, 56 female; aged 24–82 years; 80 with active acromegaly) without severe acute or chronic pulmonary disease. We compared lung volume, air flow, airway resistance and blood gases to normative data.


Acromegaly patients had greater lung volumes (maximal vital capacity, intra-thoracic gas volume and residual volume: P < 0.001, total lung capacity: P = 0.006) and showed signs of small airway obstruction (reduced maximum expiratory flow when 75% of the forced vital capacity (FVC) has been exhaled: P < 0.001, lesser peak expiratory flow: P = 0.01). There was no significant difference between active and inactive acromegaly. Female patients had significantly altered lung function in terms of subclinical airway obstruction.


In our cross-sectional analysis of lung function in 109 patients with acromegaly, lung volumes were increased compared to healthy controls. Additionally, female patients showed signs of subclinical airway obstruction. There was no difference between patients with active acromegaly compared with patients biochemically in remission.