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Alessandra Antelli, Lilia Baldazzi, Antonio Balsamo, Piero Pirazzoli, Annalisa Nicoletti, Monia Gennari and Alessandro Cicognani

Objective: Mutations in the gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor (GnRHR) gene are the cause of isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH). We describe the molecular investigations of the GnRHR gene in two siblings affected by HH and their clinical course.

Design: The female was referred at age 14 for pubertal delay with no secondary sexual signs, whereas the male had been followed since prepuberty. Hormonal evaluation showed very low levels of gonadotropins, luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone test (LHRH test) and sexual steroids in both patients, suggesting a possible defect in the mechanism of action of the GnRH gene on its receptor.

Methods: The GnRHR gene of the two siblings and their parents were analyzed by PCR followed by direct sequencing.

Results: Two new single nucleotide substitutions resulting in the T104I and the Y108C substitutions in the first extracellular loop (ECL1) were identified in both siblings. The molecular analysis confirmed the carrier status of the parents.

Conclusions: We identified two new missense mutations in the GnRHR gene in two siblings with HH. The nature of the substitutions lying in the ECL1 involved in the ligand–receptor interaction, as well as the high conservation of the two residues in all mammalian GnRHR, are suggestive of some implications in the phenotype observed.