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C. B. Lambalk, G. P. van Rees, J. Schomaker, J. de Koning and J. A. M. J. van Dieten

Abstract. The effect of pulsatile GnRH administration on the levels of LH and FSH was investigated in rats that had been ovariectomized 2 weeks earlier. Also the asynchronous occurrence of endogenous and GnRH-induced LH and FSH pulses was analysed. A small pulse dose of GnRH (1.25 ng/100 g) was given iv at a frequency of once every 60 min or once every 120 min during 24 h. A larger dose of 5 ng/100 g was given once every 60 or 120 min during either 24 h or 96 h. Blood was sampled arterially every 5 min around the two first and last GnRH injections and LH and FSH were measured. Only the treatment with the larger GnRH pulse dose resulted in a change of LH and FSH plasma levels. LH levels declined under all circumstances, whereas FSH was found to be increased temporarily after 24 h of treatment. The pituitary LH response to pulses of GnRH (5 ng/100 g) decreased irrespective of the frequency or duration with which GnRH was administered. There was a marked asynchronicity between LH and FSH pulses and almost every injection of GnRH (5 ng/100 g) resulted in clear LH pulses but not in FSH pulses.