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A Hamann, C Brieske, J Tafel, P Buttron, B Schwarzloh, H Munzberg, A Hinney, H Mayer, W Siegfried, J Hebebrand, H Greten, P Algenstaedt and R Ziegler

OBJECTIVE: The alpha(2)-adrenergic receptors are involved in the effects of catecholamines on energy metabolism. Of three known subtypes with differential expression, alpha(2A)-adrenergic receptors are also localized in adipose tissue where they counteract the lipolytic activity of beta-adrenergic receptors. This study was undertaken to assess whether variants in the alpha(2A)-adrenergic receptor gene are associated with body weight. DESIGN AND METHODS: Single strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) screening and subsequent sequencing were applied to determine genetic variants in DNA samples from individuals with obesity, those of normal weight and those underweight. RESULTS: Analysis of the coding region resulted in the identification of an 18 bp deletion, with no other mutation found. Of 429 genotyped subjects, 7 carried the deletion, with no significant differences between lean and obese subjects. A previously identified polymorphism in the promoter of the alpha(2A)-adrenergic receptor gene also did not show an association with any of the tested body weight categories. CONCLUSION: Our data suggest that variants in the alpha(2A)-adrenergic receptor gene are unlikely to contribute to the predisposition for the lean or obese state.