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Fahretin Kelestimur

Sir, Verapamil, a calcium channel blocker drug, has been reported to be effective in decreasing insulin secretion in patients with insulinoma (1), but it may cause side effects such as A-V block (2). That's why we decided to investigate the effects of another calcium channel blocker, Diltiazem, which has less effect on the cardiac conduction system. We compared the effects of Octreotide and Diltiazem on insulin secretion, growth hormone, cortisol. and plasma glucose levels in a patient with benign insulinoma. Before surgery, the patient was assessed on a day on which no drug was taken, on the second day of Diltiazem treatment (4 × 30 mg/day), after a single dose of Octreotide (100 μg sc) and after seven days (3 × 100 μg/day) of Octreotide treatment. The single dose and the seven days of Octreotide therapy decreased insulin levels and increased plasma glucose levels. Diltiazem therapy was found ineffective in