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JD McKay, J Williamson, F Lesueur, M Stark, A Duffield, F Canzian, G Romeo and L Hoffman

Recent studies have mapped two susceptibility loci which appear to account for familial multinodular goitre (MNG1) and a variant of familial papillary thyroid cancer (PTC), with associated multinodular goitre (TCO). A Tasmanian family (Tas1) has been identified with an autosomal dominant form of PTC. This study has examined the MNG1 and TCO loci to determine if they are similarly predisposing the Tas1 family to PTC. Linkage analysis using identical microsatellite markers described in the two previous studies was used to determine the significance of these loci in the Tasmanian family. The resultant LOD scores were sufficiently negative using multipoint parametric analysis to exclude these two loci from involvement in the Tasmanian family. In addition, six candidate genes, RET, TRK, MET, TSHR, APC and PTEN were also excluded as susceptibility genes in Tas1 by using microsatellites that are positioned in or in close proximity to these genes. These results suggest that there are at least three susceptibility genes that predispose families to familial PTC.