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Wiebke Arlt Wiebke Arlt MD, DSc, FRCP, FMedSci
William Withering Chair of Medicine,
Director of the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research (IMSR),
University of Birmingham,

Research focus: the role of steroid metabolism in human health and disease, with translational focus on androgen excess and adrenal disease.
Olaf Dekkers Olaf Dekkers MD, PhD, MSc, MA
Professor of research methodology, Endocrinologist and Epidemiologist, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands
Research focus: endocrine diseases, meta-analysis and methodology of research.
Maria Fleseriu Maria Fleseriu
Professor Medicine and Neurological Surgery, Director Pituitary Center at Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, USA
Her main research interests include pituitary disorders, especially clinical and therapeutic aspects of Cushing’s, acromegaly and hypopituitarism.
Juliane Léger Juliane Léger
Professor, Department of Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, Head, Reference Center for Rare Endocrine Growth Diseases, Robert Debré University Hospital, Paris, France
Her research interests include various aspects of thyroid, pituitary and pubertal diseases management and epidemiology of rare growth endocrine disorders.
Markus Seibel Markus Seibel
Professor of Endocrinology, Concord Medical School, University of Sydney; Head of Department of Endocrinology & Metabolism at Concord University Hospital; & Director of the Bone Research Program at ANZAC Research Institute, Sydney, Australia
Main research and clinical interests: Basic, applied and clinical topics within the field of musculo-skeletal health and biology.
Robert Semple Robert Semple
Professor of Translational Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK
His clinical and research interests are in the role of disordered insulin action in disease, and in mechanisms underpinning adipose tissue resilience and plasticity across the life course. His principal approach is to focus on rare human acquired or monogenic disorders of insulin action. He also has a major interest in somatic mosaic activation of growth signalling pathways.
Guillaume Assie Guillaume Assie
Professor, Endocrine Department, Cochin Hospital, Paris, France
Specializes in general endocrinology, primarily Cushing syndromes, adrenal tumors, pituitary diseases, as well as thyroid, parathyroid and gonadal diseases.
Irina Bancos Irina Bancos
Associate Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, MN, USA, and Associate Program Director for the clinical endocrinology training program
Her clinical and research interests include adrenal and pituitary tumors, pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma, primary aldosteronism, adrenal insufficiency, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Cushing syndrome, and mechanisms of steroid regulation of health and disease.
Kåre Birkeland Kåre I Birkeland
Professor of Medicine and Senior Endocrinologist, University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway
His main research interests are Type 2 diabetes, clinical and translational research.
Mirjam Christ-Crain Mirjam Christ-Crain
Professor of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, University of Basel and the University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland
Her main research interest is on vasopressin-dependent disorders of fluid homeostasis, i.e. diabetes insipidus and hyponatremia.
Hedi Claahsen-van der Grinten Hedi Claahsen-van der Grinten
Head, Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, the Netherlands
Her research interests are in adrenal diseases with a special focus on defects of adrenal steroid synthesis. Her research group studies different aspects of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), and other forms of disorders/differences of sex development (DSD), with emphasis on the role of adrenal steroid precursors and etiology of testicular adrenal rest tumours (TART).
Rossella Elisei Rossella Elisei
Associate Professor of Endocrinology, University of Pisa, Italy
She is involved in any aspect of clinical, basic and translational research regarding any type of thyroid cancer. Thyroid nodules diagnosis and management is also part of her field of research.
Martin Fassnacht Martin Fassnacht
Professor of Medicine at the University of Würzburg, Chairman Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, University Hospital of Würzburg, Germany
His main research focus is on endocrine tumors with a particular focus on adrenal tumors and adrenal disease in general.
Laura Fugazzola Laura Fugazzola
Associate Professor of Endocrinology, Department of Pathophysiology and Transplantation, University of Milan Endocrine Unit, Fondazioen IRCCS Ca’Granda, Milan, Italy
Her main research interests include the molecular basis, clinical and therapeutic aspects of thyroid cancer. Genetics of congenital hypothyroidism.
Alessandra Gambineri Alessandra Gambineri
Department of Medical and Surgical Science-DIMEC, University of Bologna – S. Orsola-Mapighi Hospital, Bologna, Italy
Main research and clinical interests: Pathophysiology and treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and of female androgen excess disorders in general.
Mathis Grossmann Mathis Grossmann
Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, and Consultant Endocrinologist, Austin Health, Melbourne, Australia
His research interests include roles of reproductive hormones in health and disease, especially male hypogonadism.
Andrea Isidori Andrea Isidori
Associate Professor of Endocrinology, Department of Experimental Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
His main contributions in clinical research are on the syndromes of steroid hormones excess and defect, specifically male hypogonadism, Cushing’s syndrome and adrenal insufficiency.
Niki Karavitaki Niki Karavitaki
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Endocrinology and Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist, Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research, University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, UK
Her research interests include hypothalamo-pituitary diseases with special focus on pituitary tumours and hypopituitarism.
Filip Knop Filip K Knop
Consultant Endocrinologist, Professor of Endocrinology and Director of Center for Clinical Metabolic Research, Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Professor Knop's resesearch interest centres on the pathophysiology of obesity and its complications including type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, regulation of appetite and food intake, and the therapeutic potential of incretins. He is particularly interested in the integrative role of the gut in human (patho)physiology.
Franck Mauvais-Jarvis Franck Mauvais-Jarvis
Director of the Diabetes Discovery Research & Sex-Based Medicine Laboratory and Professor of Medecine and Pharmacology, Tuane Univeristy School of Medecine, New Orleans, US
His research programe includes basic, translational and clinical research on the influence of biological sex and sex hormones in diabetes and obesity, as well as the influence of sex, diabetes and obesity in COVID-19 pathogenesis.
Pål Rasmus Njølstad Pål Rasmus Njølstad
Professor in Pediatrics and Consultant Physician, Department of Pediatrics and Adolescents, Haukeland University of Bergen; Head of Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen; and Director of Center of Diabetes Research, Bergen, Norway
His interests are clinical and translational research in monogenic forms of diabetes, and genetics of early growth and obesity in children.
Taneli Raivio Taneli Raivio
Niilo Hallman Professor in Translational Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrinologist at Children's Hospital, University of Helsinki, Finland
His research interest is in pediatric endocrinology with a special focus on mechanisms regulating growth and puberty.
Abd A. Tahrani Abd A Tahrani
Senior Lecturer in Metabolic Endocrinology and Obesity Medicine, University of Birmingham; Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist and Bariatric Physician, lead for weight management research and diabetic neuropathy services, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, UK; trustee of the Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO) UK & co-chair, clinical practice and obesity management committee, ASO UK
Main research interests are the impact of sleep-related disorders (including obstructive apnoea) on metabolic health, diabetes and obesity, obesity management and the pathogenesis of diabetes-related microvascular complications.
Kemal Topaloglu Kemal Topaloglu
Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, and Department of Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences, University of Mississippi Medical Center, USA
His research focuses on how the hypothalamo–pituitary–gonadal axis is centrally governed through human life stages, including puberty. In this research, we have previously discovered the essential roles of neurokinin B and its receptor as well as of the Kisspeptin ligand in human puberty and reproduction.
Frederik A. Verburg Frederik A Verburg
Professor of Translational Nuclear Medicine, Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Main research and clinical interests are nuclear medicine – particularly radionuclide therapy of benign and malignant thyroid disease, other aspects of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of thyroid cancer, PRRT of neuroendocrine tumours, PSMA therapy of prostate cancer and radionuclide diagnostics and therapy in neurooncology.
Edward Visser Edward Visser
Consultant Endocrinologist, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, Netherlands
His clinical and research interests are thyroid hormone signaling disorders.
Roelof Smit Roelof A J Smit, MD PhD
Postdoctoral fellow, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY, USA and Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands
His research focus is genetic epidemiology (eg Mendelian randomization, polygenic risk scores), obesity and pharmacogenetics.
Alice Sitch Alice Sitch PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), PCAP, CStat, FHEA
University of Birmingham, UK
Her research focus is test evaluation, specifically the study design and evaluation of monitoring tests and biological variability.
Eder Zavala Eder Zavala, PhD
Centre for Systems Modelling & Quantitative Biomedicine (SMQB), University of Birmingham, UK
His main interests are in hormonal dynamics and its implications in the regulation of stress, metabolism, fertility, sleep and inflammation. His research focus is understanding the mechanisms underpinning endocrine rhythms and their responses to perturbations, and also developing computational biomarkers of hormonal rhythm misalignment to support diagnosis and disease management.
Philippe Chanson Philippe Chanson
EJE–ESE Liaison Officer and Chair of ESE’s Publishing and Communications Committee
As Chair of ESE’s Publishing and Communications Committee, Professor Chanson has an ex officio position as EJE–ESE Liaison Officer. In this role Professor Chanson supports the EJE Editorial Board by acting as a key point of contact between EJE and the European Society for Endocrinology. To ensure that the journal maintains editorial independence, the role of EJE–ESE Liaison Officer does not have any responsibility for editorial decision making.


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