Publication charges


European Journal of Endocrinology is committed to keeping costs to authors to a minimum. Consequently, there are no submission fees, and no charges for online-only colour figures. Other charges do apply as detailed below.

Colour figure charges

If the print version of your paper includes colour figure(s) the following charges will apply:

No of colour figures  Charge to author (excluding VAT*) 
 1  840 Eur
 2 1680 Eur
 3 1960 Eur
 4 2240 Eur
 5 2520 Eur
 6  2800 Eur
 7  3080 Eur
 8  3360 Eur

Please note the option to print in greyscale is subject to editorial approval, if the meaning of your image in unclear you will be asked to print in colour and a charge will apply.

Supplemental material publication charge

For articles submitted from 4 November 2021, Bioscientifica charges a fixed charge for publication of any supplemental material alongside the article, regardless of the number of files.
The charge is 270 EUR (excluding VAT*).

Open access

You may choose to make your article available freely available to all, without access restrictions, immediately upon publication, in return for an author-side fee. If the corresponding author is based at a not-for-profit institution that subscribes to the journal, the fee for the Open Access Option is 1890 EUR + VAT; otherwise, it is 3780 EUR + VAT. Full details of Bioscientifica's open access policy can be found here.

Page charges

350 EUR per estimated printed page in excess of 6 pages for clinical studies and 10 pages for review articles. Please note that systematic reviews and meta-analyses are classified as clinical studies. In order to facilitate speedy publication, page charges are calculated from the estimated number of pages at submission. The actual number of published pages may differ slightly depending on the size of figures and tables.

Authors may use the following assumptions to estimate any page charges which may be incurred by their article:
Title, author list and abstract = 1 printed page
760 words = 1 printed page
1 figure = 0.4 printed pages
1 table = 0.4 printed pages
27 references = 1 printed page

Please be aware that these assumptions are to be used as a guideline only.

How to pay

Payment for colour figures, open access, supplemental data and page charges can be made by credit card or invoice via Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink service.

*Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added to transactions within the UK and Europe.

If author(s) are eligible for discounted publishing fees or have a discount code these cannot be used cumulatively; only one deduction will be applied per manuscript.