Best of 2020


To showcase the high impact research published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, we have collated the most highly cited and downloaded reviews and research of the last year.

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Top 10 articles most cited in 2020, published in 2019


Current vitamin D status in European and Middle East countries and strategies to prevent vitamin D deficiency; a position statement of the European Calcified Tissue Society
Paul Lips et al.

Radiofrequency ablation for benign thyroid nodules according to different US features: an Italian multicentre prospective study
Maurilio Deandrea et al.

MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Diagnosis and management of the patient with non-classic CAH due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency
Anna Nordenström and Henrik Falhammar

Immune checkpoint inhibitors and type 1 diabetes mellitus: a case report and systematic review
Jeroen M K de Filette et al.

Unmet therapeutic, educational and scientific needs in parathyroid disorders: Consensus Statement from the first European Society of Endocrinology Workshop (PARAT)
Jens Bollerslev et al.

MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Are all GLP-1 agonist equal in the treatment of type 2 diabetes?
Michael A Nauck and Juris J Meier

Associated auto-immune disease in type 1 diabetes patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis
C Nederstigt et al.

MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Estradiol as a male hormone
Nicholas Russell and Mathis Grossmann

New genetic findings in a large cohort of congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
Lorena Guimaraes Lima Amato et al.

Psychological effects of dopamine agonist treatment in patients with hyperprolactinemia and prolactin-secreting adenomas
Adriana G Ioachimescu et al.



Top 10 most most downloaded articles published in 2020


European Society of Endocrinology Clinical Practice Guideline: Endocrine work-up in obesity
R Pasquali

John P Bilezikian et al.

MANAGEMENT OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Cushing’s syndrome due to ectopic ACTH secretion: an expert operational opinion
Jacques Young et al.

Follow-up of low risk thyroid cancer patients: can we stop follow-up after 5 years of complete remission?
Livia Lamartina and Daria Handkiewicz-Junak

Who is afraid of non-normal data? Choosing between parametric and non-parametric tests
Saskia le Cessie, Jelle J Goeman and Olaf M Dekkers

GENETICS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Glucocorticoid resistance syndrome
Géraldine Vitellius and Marc Lombes

Thyrotoxicosis in patients with COVID-19: the THYRCOV study
Andrea Lania et al.

DIAGNOSIS OF ENDOCRINE DISEASE: Mosaic disorders of FGF23 excess: Fibrous dysplasia/McCune–Albright syndrome and cutaneous skeletal hypophosphatemia syndrome
Luis F de Castro, Diana Ovejero and Alison M Boyce

Prevalence of endocrine disorders in obese patients: systematic review and meta-analysis
L T van Hulsteijn

Endocrine testing in obesity
John P H Wilding