Welcome, ESE members


ESE members have full access to all articles within EJE. To ensure you can access the full text of articles, you will need to sign in as a member on the ESE site.



Frequently asked questions


Why do I need to do this?

EJE is a subscription journal. Full text access is a member benefit, so we need to confirm that you are a member of ESE. Logging in on the ESE site, in the members' area, tells the journal site that you are entitled to this benefit.


Once I have logged in on the ESE site, how do I access the journal?

Go to the 'Journals' tab on the ESE site, and choose the journal you wish to access; click on the journal and you should have full access to the articles; ESE information page


What is the 'Create user account' link above?

The EJE site allows you to create an account to see which journal alerts you are signed up for and manage these. This is available to all users, so to access the free full text you need to sign in as a member on the ESE site, as described above.


How do I become a member of ESE?

Visit the ESE membership page for more information on how to become a member of ESE.


I can't access the EJE Archive

The EJE Archive is a separate set of archival content, and is currently available as an annual subscription to a package, or as an outright purchase for a one-time payment. More information is on the EJE Archive page.