Review Article (narrative, usually invited reviews)


Narrative review articles are normally by invitation and undergo peer review by experts in the field as for other article types. Authors intending to submit unsolicited reviews should send an outline of the proposed article to the editorial office.

For systematic reviews & meta-analyses please see the separate article category.

Review submissions should be no longer than 5000 words. Original summary diagrams and illustrations of proposed models (in colour where appropriate) are encouraged. Line drawings may be redrawn. Boxes can be used to separate detailed explanations and background information from the main part of the text.

EJE publishes reviews under the following categories:

  • Diagnosis of Endocrine Disease
  • Therapy of Endocrine Disease
  • Management of Endocrine Disease
  • Extensive Expertise in Endocrinology (3E)
  • Mechanisms in Endocrinology
  • Endocrine Tumours
  • Genetics in Endocrinology
  • Endocrinology in Pregnancy
  • Endocrinology and Transition
  • Global Endocrinology


The format of review articles is more fluid but should include the following:

1. A Title page with:

  • Title (maximum 85 characters)
  • All authors names (as they should appear in PubMed)
  • Author affiliations
  • Corresponding author’s postal and email address
  • A short title (maximum 46 characters, including spaces)
  • A minimum of four keywords describing the manuscript 
  • Word count of the full article (maximum length 3500 words, excluding references, figure legends, abstract, significance statement and acknowledgments).

2. Abstract
3. Conclusions
4. Declaration of interest, Funding, Author contributions statements (where appropriate)
5. References
6. Figures / Tables