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It is obvious that endocrine disorders in childhood and infancy covers such a vast field that it can not be covered in a short introductory paper. In the following an attempt is made to discuss these disorders from a general and especially paediatric point of view, mentioning some of the problems encountered by the author.

It may be asked why endocrine disorders in children should be treated as a special subject. Is not paediatric endocrinology simply the general endocrinology limited to a younger age group? Can not these diseases be treated by the endocrinologist? Yes, of course they can if the endocrinologist is also a paediatrician. The endocrinology of infancy and childhood is a part of paediatrics in the same way as paediatric cardiology, paediatric surgery, children's psychiatry, etc. This does of course not exclude an intimate cooperation between the endocrinologist and the paediatrician. On the contrary, it is often


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