Clinical and genetic analysis of an inherited case of thyroid adenoma/cancer

in European Journal of Endocrinology
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We studied a family in which thyroid neoplasms appeared to occur through genetic inheritance. Six blood relations, including the two probands, had thyroid carcinoma, and six others had benign thyroid tumors. When both parents had a thyroid neoplasm, their children frequently had thyroid neoplasms; this was confirmed through two generations of this family. To clarify the mechanism of inheritance, we performed chromosomal analysis, Southern blot analysis of three variable number of tandem repeats markers and HLA typing on two probands, and examined their RET proto-oncogenes, and p53 and RB tumor suppressor genes. We could not find any positive data on genetic analysis, although our data were limited. In conclusion, we studied a family in which thyroid neoplasms have occurred partly through genetic inheritance, although environmental factors may have influenced the occurrence of thyroid diseases. A search for a predisposing gene, using the microsatellite technique, is required to clarify the gentic factors involved.


     European Society of Endocrinology

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