Cigarette smoking and the thyroid

in European Journal of Endocrinology
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The effects of smoking on the function of endocrine glands have been investigated extensively but still are to be elucidated fully. It is widely recognized that the most important component of the smoke produced from the burning of tobacco, in terms of endocrine effects, is nicotine. Nicotine acts through the interaction with acetylcholine receptors, but it seems likely that others among the numerous smoke products may somehow influence endocrine homeostasis.

The present paper will focus on the relationship between smoking and variations in thyroid economy or the occurrence of thyroid dysfunction.

Thyroid function

Several studies have been carried out to ascertain whether smoking is associated with variations in thyroid economy. The rationale for these investigations was dictated by the observation that smoking is associated with a decrease in body mass, and, conversely, refrain from smoking is often accompanied by an increase in body mass (1). These changes might be mediated


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