Effect of adrenalectomy at different pregnancy stages on maternal and fetal serum corticosteroid binding globulin and corticosterone in the rat

in European Journal of Endocrinology
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The response of pregnant rat corticosteroid binding globulin to maternal adrenalectomy was studied as a function of the stage of pregnancy. Non-pregnant or pregnant rats were deprived of their adrenal glands during 4 days. In non-pregnant animals, adrenalectomy led to undetectable corticosterone levels and to the doubling of corticosteroid binding globulin. In pregnant rats adrenalectomized at 12 days and studied at 16 days, the serum corticosterone was likewise undetectable and the corticosteroid binding globulin was doubled as compared with pregnant rats of the corresponding age. In contrast, adrenalectomy from day 14 to 18 or from day 16 to 20 did not deplete the maternal serum corticosterone and the corticosteroid binding globulin remained unchanged. Under these conditions neither fetal corticosteroid binding globulin nor fetal corticosterone were modified. However, when the pregnant rats adrenalectomized from day 16 to 20 also received an injection of 30 mg of metyrapone on days 19 and 20 in order to inhibit fetal adrenal secretion, the maternal response was again a depletion of serum corticosterone together with an increase in corticosteroid binding globulin. Under these conditions, the fetus also reacted by a fall of corticosterone and a rise of corticosteroid binding globulin. Our results suggest that the maternal response of corticosteroid binding globulin to adrenalectomy depends on the pregnancy stage inasmuch as it may be influenced by a supply of corticosterone from the fetus during late pregnancy. Moreover, they show that in this late period, fetal corticosteroid binding globulin is regulated independently.


     European Society of Endocrinology

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