Plasma growth hormone profile in acromegaly before and ten days after transsphenoidal surgery

in European Journal of Endocrinology
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Abstract. Profiles of plasma GH, plasma somatomedin-C and serum PRL concentrations as well as serum GH response to iv TRH were determined in 11 patients with acromegaly before and 10 days after surgery. Blood for profile determinations was drawn from a peripheral vein with a continuous withdrawal pump changing the recipient tube at 30-min intervals. Before surgery all patients had high plasma GH concentrations with irregular peaks and somatomedin-C concentrations were elevated. The response to TRH was abnormal in 8 patients. Three patients had slightly elevated PRL concentrations and one had high PRL concentration (6900 mU/l). Ten days after surgery GH concentrations were still high in 2 patients (>5 mU/l), as were somatomedin-C concentrations (3.2 and 2.4 U/l, respectively). In 3 patients basal GH concentrations were <5 mU/l and somatomedin-C concentrations were normal, but there were no major peaks in plasma GH concentrations. In 2 patients major peaks in GH concentrations appeared after surgery, but basal GH concentrations were 1.9 and 0.95 mU/l, respectively. One patient with hyperprolactinemia still had slightly elevated PRL concentration (486 mU/l), but the response to TRH was normalized. Finally, in 4 patients, mean GH concentrations were markedly reduced, somatomedin-C concentrations normalized and apparently normal plasma GH profiles appeared with low or undetectable basal levels separating major peaks. The results indicate that in some patients with acromegaly apparently normal GH secretion can be demonstrated 10 days postoperatively. Characterization of circadian GH rhythms during the early postoperative stage may contribute to the evaluation of the effect of surgery.


     European Society of Endocrinology